Must-Have Motorcycle Gear for the New Biker Chick

motorcycle gear for woman

You are female, and you want to ride a motorcycle. Whether you like the leisure of riding pillion (as a passenger) or you love to be in control of the ride on your own bike, you are not in this to be a hood ornament. Safety is important to you, and you want to enjoy your days of riding with confidence and comfort. If all of this is true for you, then use the following shopping list of some must-have motorcycle gear for woman to prepare for your journey into the biker chick world – even if those are the last words you would use to describe yourself.

Motorcycle Gear for Women

A DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet

Most states require them, but you should buy one even if your state does not. Wearing a DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet can mean the difference between life and death. If you are serious about your new hobby, the helmet is the most important investment you can make. Skip the cute ¾ style helmets; they will do nothing to protect your face on impact. Buy a full-face helmet with a chin guard. You will be grateful for the extra protection from the wind, and from the stinging impact of insects hitting your face. To get the right fit, choose a helmet that sits comfortably but snugly on your head without feeling like you are in a compression chamber. Cinch the strap tightly to your chin, then try to roll the helmet off of your head from the back to the front. If the helmet can be pried off this way, it is too big. Expect to pay several hundred dollars for a worthy helmet.
womans motorcycle gear helmet

Motorcycle Jacket

The jacket is second in importance to the helmet, but do not underestimate its value. Protective motorcycle clothing might not protect you from broken bones, but your skin will thank you after even minor spills. It is not worth being scarred for life in order to feel cooler in cut-offs and a halter top. Leather is the traditional biker material, and for good reason. It is tough and durable, provides good protection against skidding on pavement and from rocks kicked up by passing vehicles. An even better choice is a nylon motorcycle jacket with plastic armor inserts. These jackets have zippers that can be opened for ventilation in the summer. If you shop online you can find stylish motorcycle jackets designed for women. At the very least, wear a heavy denim jacket until you can afford to upgrade.

Motorcycle Pants

Don’t wear shorts, Capris or anything that does not cover your ankles. Also avoid wearing jeans with wide legs. Jeans are acceptable, but leather is better. Pants with armor inserts are best. You can also buy protective long underwear with inserts for the top and bottom, which is designed to be worn under regular clothing. That option would be best for an all-day ride. The most practical option is to wear something you can take off when you reach your destination, or that you will feel comfortable wearing when you get there.

Motorcycle Gloves

Your hands are key controller when it comes to your motorcycle. They are in charge of pretty much everything that makes your ride possible and most importantly, enjoyable. No matter what kind of weather you ride in: hot sunny day, or perhaps at a time when the cold temperature drops, you always want to have yours hands covered and protected by motorcycle gloves. This part of motorcycle gear for woman will give you a feeling of comfort, safety and make driving pure joy and fun.

Probably the best and most popular option out there, fitting so naturally well are leather gloves that keep your hands fully covered, the coverage extends to wrists and up, with a strap to keep them tight and secure.

While the outside is really cold, and the rush of air further enhances this feeling, heated motorcycle gloves may help so well and make a massive difference. Regardless of the whether these gloves are powered by self-contained heating units and rechargeable batteries or get power from the bike’s electrical system the warmth will just hug your hands nicely. It will make you feel warm and you will want to stay on a bike longer and just enjoy your ride.  You should definitely put them on top of your to-buy list!

motorcycle apparel gloves for woman


Motorcycle Boots

Any boot that covers your ankles should be okay, as long as they are sturdy (like work boots) and you tuck away shoelaces that could get caught in the works below. But if you don’t already own a pair and have to buy them anyway, add waterproof and well-ventilated to the list. You will be grateful for the protection from your boots during the uneventful ride because inevitably your feet and legs will be struck with pebbles, rocks, and insects – which can really sting when they hit at such high speeds.

Motorcycle boots are designed to give you more protection. This type is a must for dirt bike riders, but you don’t see as many highway riders wearing them. Which is too bad, because the feet and ankles are the most susceptible to injury from a crash, and even a minor-tip over. If you spring for motorcycle boots, buy a brand that has stood the crush resistance test.

Motorcycle Goggles

If you are not using a full-face helmet, strap on a pair of motorcycle goggles to protect your eyes. Regular sunglasses would do, but if the helmet fits right, your sunglasses will probably give you a headache.

Motorcycle Rain Gear

You will need a motorcycle rain jacket and pants, plus booties to keep your shoes dry. Whether you buy your motorcycle rain gear from a dealer or a camping supply store, make sure it has Velcro tabs at the neck and wrists to tighten up, and a pull string or elastic at the waist and ankles to keep the wind out. The material should be waterproof, but breathable. If you didn’t buy the waterproof boots, you can buy booties to slip over your boots.

Motorcycle Seat Cushion for Your Tush

It won’t take long for you to figure out that riding any distance has a numbing effect on your back side, especially if you are the passenger. Some motorcycle seats are worse than others, but you can always tell who needs a softer ride after about 100 miles. That kind of torture can ruin a get-away weekend. With a decent add-on motorcycle seat cushion you can ride farther, and get off in a pleasant mood, as opposed to scratching and clawing your way to the nearest masseuse.

Motorcycle Saddlebags

Without saddlebags or boxes, your bike will be fun, but not very practical. Sure, you can strap on your stuff with bungee chords a la the Beverly Hillbillies, but that method takes a lot more time to make sure nothing flies off. Motorcycle saddle bags or boxes can be pricey, so it might be worth buying them used or on an online auction. Just make sure you get a compatible fit for your bike.

Wrapping Things UP

Gearing up to be safe on the road can add up quickly, but look at it as preventative long-term life and health insurance. You do not plan to have an accident, and hopefully you never will. In the event of an accident, you are protected in proportion to what you invested. If you look at it that way, the investment is worth every penny.

Get your women’s motorcycle gear and become a new biker chick!

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