6 Hot Tips For Staying Warm In Winter (You Wouldn’t Think About)

Ah! The pleasures of winter. As the icy winds whip against your bare face you wistfully dream about the first day of spring. Winter can depress your mood if you happen to be a warm weather person while at the same time elevating your heating bill. To make those cold winter days more bearable, you’ll need some practical ways to stay warm. Here are some ideas on how to stay warm this winter while saving on your heating bill at the same time.

Close Your Curtains at Night

close curtains night warm winter

Heating your home can be expensive and anything you can do to keep the thermostat lower helps with the budget. When you go to sleep at night, close the curtains and blinds. This will help trap the heat in your bedroom so it won’t escape through cracks in the windows. This can keep you warmer at night and help save on the energy bill.

Buy Some Footed Pajamas

Don’t be so quick to assume they’re just for kids. Adults have discovered the comfort and practicality of this snuggly type of night wear. Places like Amazon are selling them in a variety of styles and materials. Buy a pair of warm, flannel pajamas and those long winter nights won’t feel quite so cold.

Use a Heating Blanket or Hot Water Bottles

Heating Blanket or Hot Water Bottles

Although a heating blanket will keep you warm and cozy at night, there’s some concern about the health risks of these devices. It’s thought that they generate electromagnetic fields that can disrupt your biological clock, potentially increasing the risk of certain types of cancer. Try placing a large hot water bottle (like this one) at the foot of your bed to keep your feet warm instead. It’s a safer and more environmentally friendly option.

Buy Some Battery Heated Gloves

Heated Gloves

You knew someone would think of it sooner or later. You can now buy battery heated gloves (or liners) from one of the best-known companies called Venture Heat (or any other) that sell their products online in stores like Amazon. If you want to warm up your whole body, they even sell battery heated vests and insoles. This type of technology doesn’t come cheaply, but definitively worth your money.

And if you are a biker then it is also a nice-to-have motorcycle gear for you.

Plug Up Those Drafts

Even if you’ve thoroughly insulated your house, the cracks underneath doors can be an unwelcome source of cold air and drafts. Make a simple fabric device to stop drafts by sewing a tube the length of the lower edge of your door. Fill it with beans and sew it closed. Place one along the bottom of each door in your home to stop the cold air from entering your home.

Eat and Drink to Stay Warm

Eat and Drink to Stay Warm

Stay warm by sipping hot cocoa and savoring bowls of hot soup. It also doesn’t hurt to add a little spice to your diet in the form of hot sauces which contains capsaicin. Although hot sauces and hot spices such as cayenne pepper can briefly make you feel warmer, the effect may be offset by the sweating that follows. There’s no doubt that these foods can temporarily give you a warm feeling.

Snuggle With Someone You Love

Seriously, You wouldn’t think about it, but this may be the most satisfying way to stay warm of all!

most satisfying way to stay warm

Venture Heat Battery Glove Liners that can fit under your everyday gloves for maximum cold weather protection!


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